Ahilles leaves Virtus.pro

Dota 2 roster analyst Timur "Ahilles" Kulmukhambetov is leaving our club by mutual agreement. Timur plans to spend the upcoming season as a coach, and we fully support this decision and wish him success!

Timur "Ahilles" Kulmukhambetov:

"For the past six months, I have been fulfilling the duties of an analyst, which has been a unique and valuable experience for me. However, I feel that my true passion lies more in coaching. Therefore, I have made the decision to leave the team and return to the role of a coach.

Thanks to Virtus.pro, I was able to fulfill my long-standing dream this year: qualifying for The International and experiencing its atmosphere. I want to thank all the club staff and the team with whom we have worked tirelessly over the past year. I also want to thank all the fans who have expressed the words of support. It has been an amazing year."

Alexander "StrangeR" Solomonov, Head of Dota 2 department:

"After The International, while still in Seattle, Timur informed me that he would like to return to coaching in the next season. Despite his productive work as an analyst at Virtus.pro, I understand this desire and believe that TI has only added more motivation for him.

Timur has been with VP for a year, participating in assembling the first roster. We have gone through a long journey that involved many difficult decisions and emotional events. Taking all factors into account, we have agreed to terminate the contract by mutual agreement and allow Timur to develop in a role that is familiar to him.

On behalf of Virtus.pro, I thank Ahilles for his contribution to the development of the club and wish him luck in the upcoming season!"

Ahilles worked with our Dota 2 roster as a coach and analyst in the 2022/23 season. Timur was an important part of the team that qualified for TI and reached the top-8 at the main tournament of the year. His desire to utilize his knowledge and experience as a head coach is completely understandable. We have no doubt that Ahilles will bring a lot to any team he decides to join. Good luck and see you at tournaments in the new season!