After two overtimes wins against Fragster

After tight clash managed to win game against Fragsters in ESEA MDL s 29 Europe. Danish team led by top fragging refrezh forced us to run for comeback. After gaining one point advantage for the score 15:14 VP decided to slowly fight for Dust's mid. Even the idea was good, CT's window sniper took us to the ground.

With draw 15:15, continued playing on terrorist side. As it occured one overtime wasn't enough to expose winner for that game. In 2nd extra time it was VP who gained 3 points advantage and needed to be chased by Fragsters. Game point was gained after taking long, which didn't work out previous rounds. Morelz flanking on point was the secret weapon. Well played tactic and super frags from players helped to finish this match with 22:18 score.