7 reasons to start playing Fortnite right now

Virtus.pro has acquired a Fortnite roster – it's about time to explore the discipline! And we have seven convincing arguments to boot.

Fortnite is easy to learn

You'll only need a minimal amount of time to learn the ropes. Even for those who aren't into shooters, Fortnite can become a perfect starting point. First five games are more than enough to get used to controls, recoil patterns, and the game's tactical playstyles regardless of the game mode – either solo or squad.

If you're already familiar with the Battle Royale genre, Fortnite is a great opportunity to give it a second shot!

Everything is free, without any pay-2-win

The game is free – that is Fortnite's substantial advantage over other massive projects of the Battle Royale genre. Furthermore, it is accessible not only on PC, but on the other popular platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac OS, or even your smartphone!

Even more – Fortnite doesn't require any other gameplay-related money-sinks. That means that you'll never meet an enemy who purchased, for instance, enhanced armor with real money in your games.

There are no cheaters in Fortnite

Cheaters destroy any gameplay experience regardless of the game's actual qualities. However, as soon as this problem appeared on the horizon, Epic Games declared war on cheaters by actively taking measures against the root of the evil – cheat developers. Hackers and third-party software creators are constantly faced with lawsuits, and even more - according to Torrent Freak's data, even private law enforcement agencies are recruited to deter any cheating-related problems.

Epic Games: "Protecting Fortnite from cheaters is one of our crucial tasks. We are constantly combating not just the cheaters, but also those who create the foul-play software. This is an endless battle, and we are using everything it takes to banish cheaters out of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" and Epic's gaming ecosystem in general – forever."

At the moment, Fortnite is the most cheater-free game on the market which is a big attraction in itself.

Queue times and playing with friends

It's worth to mention the queue and overall pre-game lobby times in Fortnite's matchmaking – you rarely have to wait for more than one minute from the moment you press the Play button. After all, daily online count exceeds 2 million individual players!

While playing Solo is already quite fun, playing with friends quadruples it! Fortnite offers you a variety of game modes like duo or 4-man squad. In Duo, you face 49 other two-man teams, while in Squad you battle 25 other 4-man stacks.

Ability to build and break

No other game with an interactive environment could offer so many gameplay variables to such a massive amount of players at the same time before. In Fortnite, you're not only free to demolish almost every single building, tree or rock, but also to build a fort, a bridge, a trap for your unfortunate opponents from scratch. You can even build a giant "VP" logo if you wanted to!

If you longed for a tactical shooter with nigh endless creative (or destructive) possibilities, Fortnite is a perfect match for you!

Every game is unique

You will never be able to predict what adventure will occur with your squad in the next match. Sometimes you'll be greeted with a remarkable and rare arsenal right after landing, sometimes, you'll have to fight for your arms while being pushed to the center of the map by the impending Storm.

Thanks to the ever-changing in-game environment, the game never fails to deliver unique experiences which make you want to re-queue time and time again.

Mesmerizing graphics and sound design

Vivid graphical design with an inclination towards light-hearted cartoonish style makes the game truly one of a kind. Unlike other, more classic shooters of Battle Royale genre, Fortnite brings friendly and fun stand-offs under highly-polished decorations.

That said, the graphics engine is brilliantly optimized – everyone can easily find an optimal graphics-performance combination!

The game's sound-design makes it truly stand out in that regard: everything that may make any sounds – you will hear. Fortnite's sound is a completely separate topic that will make you not want to take your headphones off.